Aus: Grashupfer

the Association

The Swiss painter and illustrator Ernst Kreidolf (1863 Berne - 1956 Berne) has been considered the creator of the modern illustrated book since the publication, in German speaking countries, of his Blumenmaerchen (Flower Fairytales) in 1898.  Up until the 1930s, he created more than a dozen imaginative books, including Die Wiesenzwerge (The Meadow Dwarves) and Ein Wintermaerchen (A Winter’s Fairy-tale) that are as popular today as they ever were. 

The Association, founded in 1959, is not only the holder of the copyrights to the artist’s works, but also the owner of a large collection of his works, which is housed at the Kunstmuseum (Museum of Fine Arts) in Berne.  The Association’s mandate is to keep alive the memory of Ernst Kreidolf, to expand its collection and to allow his works to become better known and researched through their publication and exhibition.