Verein Ernst Kreidolf


The works of the painter, illustrator and author Ernst Kreidolf is extensive.  A large proportion of his paintings are kept in public collections.

The works belonging to the Verein Ernst Kreidolf are stored in the Kunstmuseum (Museum of Fine Arts) in Berne.  There are about 50 oil paintings and nearly 5,000 compositions on paper (including most of the original watercolours for his picture books), drawings and sketches.

The Burgerbibliothek (Burger Library) in Berne keeps Kreidolf’s written bequest.

Smaller collections of his oil paintings, works on paper or records belong to the following institutions:

As an author of picture books Ernst Kreidolf is not only well known in the German-speaking world, he is also famous in Europe.  His classic picture books were published in various languages across Europe, the US and Japan.

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